tiistaina, lokakuuta 10, 2006

TIE: The open minded German

I was listening to Radio Gong on Saturday night, and there was a call-in show called "Happy hour". So people called an made their music wishes but also always told the listeners what were their Saturday night plans. A nice show, in a town like this, you'd at least recognize the places rom where everyone was calling, and it feels homey and familiar.

During the show one caller got especially friendly, as he was telling everyone that he is throwing a "Hausparty", since his parents are making their holidays away from home. (In German, you make holidays, you don't just spend them :) As the discussion went on, the firendly fellow also invited all listeners to join his party. He gave out the address and, after the suggestion of the radio-dj, also his cell-phone number. "Yeah, if you're looking for a bit of a cheaper party than going to the bar, come by!"

So there he went, invited the 200 000 potential radiolisteners to his home for the night. I doubt he had that much room, and also doubt many people showed up because of the radioed invitation. I thought it was great, though! You're young, at home without the parents, and of course you want to throw a great party and meet new people. He probably ended up with about ten more guests or something... Let me know, if you were there!

At the same time I remembered the parties that my friends used to arrange when we were about 13-16. Most of the time, it was basically a secret that there was a party going on. Strictly invitation only... Some parties even had designated out-throwers in case unwanted guests arrived... This because of the possibility of the "big guys" coming over to trash the party and spoil everything. I'm not sure if this was just a thing in my home-town, but at that age, I do remember more than one party being spoiled by uninvited guests who somehow wanted a piece of the action.

Although at the age of the caller (probably 18-19) you normally don't have to worry about party trashers, I'd be quite surprised to hear someone announce their house party, address and telephone number to the whole city on the radio. Somehow, we Finns are all afraid of mad-men. People tell me I'm crazy for even publishing my name and photo on this site...

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Ralf kirjoitti...

In my younger days (long, long time ago) in another city, friends of mine threw a party to celebrate my canceled wedding. And they called the local radio and invited all listeners to join. And indeed - about 10 people came. It was a freaky night! :-)

But ok - it wasn't in MY house! :-D

Juho kirjoitti...

Ralf, wow, there's a story. Did you ever ask, if the bride-to-be heard the invitation? Your friends on the radio saying: "We're so glad he didn't marry the bitch, we're celebrating tonight and everyone is welcome!" That's a way to get back at a run-away-bride... :)