tiistaina, lokakuuta 17, 2006

TIE: Finntisch!

Second annual Finntisch is here! Last year at about this time, we had a blast at Finntisch and this year we plan to do the same. So dress in Blue and white, drink yourself pretty, paint the Finnish flag to your cheeks and come listen to the music of the land of Lordi!

This all takes place on Saturday, November 25th at Jimmyz Finnish (used to be Irish) Pub on Karmelitenstrasse in Würzburg. We plan to have a bite of Finnish Vodka, a taste of the beer, and a sample of Finnish dishes. For the ones who dare, there'll also be some salmiakki to go with it. And yes all this in Würzburg.

Last year we were surprised how many Finns ended up at the party, and this year we're bound to be surprised again. You'll be even more surprised to see how they party! Photos from last years Finntisch can be found here.

6 kommenttia:

Ralf kirjoitti...

So is this an invitation - even for Non-Finns?
If yes, put a glas of Finlandia aside for me ... :-)

AlohaDan kirjoitti...

Oh yes, it seems to be very funny... oh, and i need a blue/white shirt :)

Roe kirjoitti...

Flag on the cheek? Never. ;)

But is "Jimmyz Pub" still there? I think it's closed...

Dirk kirjoitti...

Hi Juho,

mitä kuulu?
Grüße aus Jyväskylä,
wie ich sehe, findest du dich in Würzburg sehr gut zurecht:)
Weiter so!

Machs gut,
viel Spaß,

Osakeyhtiö Huovinen kirjoitti...

But why the hell you have Lapin Kulta of all Finnish beers?

It would be the same to drink Astra-beer and introduce it as a German beer.

Juho kirjoitti...

Ralf: Of course. This is an invitation especially for non-Finns. See you there.

Roe: Jimmyz is hanging in there, it might be closed on sundays and mondays, but otherwise it's still there.

dirk: Schön das du mein Blog gefunden hast!! Du bist dann jetzt in Jyväskylä, ein sehr schöne Stadt. Für die Deutsche leser, besuchen sie mal die Blog von dirk!

As you know, Huovinen, marketing is an important factor when it comes to what is the best beer... Or better said, what is the ONLY Finnish beer available in Germany...